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Did you know that your weight loss and fitness issues are actually the result of some spiritual conditions that you can easily overcome?

The truth is that there have been spiritual influences affecting you in this area that you probably were never made aware of – until now! 

Friends, if you love the Lord and want to fulfill your purpose in Him, but yet struggle with weight loss and all the things associated with it, I’m here to announce to you that the struggle will soon be over!

The Supernatural Fitness Program is all you will need to achieve victory in this area!

Take a look at the pictures below:

Peggy's Supernatural Fitness

That’s me, Peggy Lee, the author of this program.

At the time the first picture was taken I was teaching 2 and sometimes 3 Bible studies a week, I had been a Youth Pastor for many years and was loving the Lord in every way I knew how. . .

I was “spiritual” . . . but I was trapped in a body I hated!

However, one day I cried out to the Lord for help and soon afterwards He began to give me insight into the real spiritual truths surrounding my “problem”. And as I began applying these truths to my life, the weight just began to come off – supernaturally through the natural! 

Now, I can attest to the life changing power of God’s principles and how they MIRACULOUSLY work in this area!  And, I’m here to tell you that those same life changing principles will work for YOU! 

Yes, the revelation contained in this program, when applied to your life, will turn you into that lean, strong and healthy believer you always wanted to be – SUPERNATURALLY!  

Here's a excerpt from Supernatural Fitness:

In this program you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s NOT your fault!
  • What’s happening in the spirit realm to make you overweight and out of shape!
  • The truth about this “bondage” and how to be set free!
  • The number one source of Spiritual power that can be directly applied to your weight loss and fitness efforts!
  • The targeted way to pray to get incredible results!
  • The “specifics” of eating and exercise that will make or break your efforts!
  • How your thoughts directly influence your weight loss and fitness efforts and some simple steps for change!

Once you get this material into your spirit this particular area of your life will NEVER BE THE SAME!

The Lord is releasing His power in a new and exciting way and He wants His people, those that are familiar with spiritual principles, to be physically “well able” to fulfill their calling. Because of that, He is empowering YOU, the believer, with HIS anointing for weight loss and fitness through this plan!

Get the program today! If you are not enlightened with revelation straight from God’s Word that you never knew could be applied to weight loss and fitness I will personally promise you a money back guarantee! 

"I found the concepts within this book to be an exciting new approach to weight loss! It is very well written and also incredibly inspiring!" -Frances M.

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Supernatural Fitness is for:

  • The Believer who values the Word of God!
  • The Believer who desires to experience the Power of God!
  • The Believer who wants to lose weight, get in shape and feel better about themselves than they ever have before!