About Peggy Lee

Peggy LeeAs a Spiritual fitness expert and motivational minister, Peggy Lee preaches the Word of God in an exciting yet humorous way, while imparting life changing exhortation into all who hear her speak. Having been a Youth Pastor for more than 10 consecutive years, she is an ardent student of the Word, with her greatest desire being to see the power of God manifest through signs and wonders in each and every teaching and speaking endeavor.

Peggy’s enthusiasm for life and genuine love for people makes her an unforgettable presence on the Christian scene today. To contact Peggy for speaking engagements visit our contact page.  

"Supernatural Fitness is the best thing to come out since McDonald's Happy Meals! I'm literally freaking out, this is such a wonderful book! I love how simplistic and easy to read it is—for real!" -John O.

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Supernatural Fitness is for:

  • The Believer who values the Word of God!
  • The Believer who desires to experience the Power of God!
  • The Believer who wants to lose weight, get in shape and feel better about themselves than they ever have before!